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  Service Process Flow  
  Accounting Softwares  
Regardless you are small to medium business and uses softwares like Sage, QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB, Tally, VT, Microsoft Accounting or a large organization and use ERP solutions like SAP, Oracle or Microsoft Dynamics we have knowledge, experience and ownership of wide variety of accounting softwares. 
  Data Access  
Scenario 1:

The best option is to obtain the remote access of accounting database residing in client's server/computer.
In this scenario we are working on client's system just as other employees do but remotely from our office. In this flowchart we use Sage as example to explain the process.
There are 2 boxes 'Client' and 'Exalter', all activities in respective box are covered by respective party.
  Scenario 2:
Some client don't want to maintain any hardware infrastructure at all for accounting purposes. In this scenario we maintain client data on our own system and provide client remote access to use processed data. Practically this is the mirror image of scenario 1.
  Data Security  
We have employed best technology which are renowned in respect of data security, transportation, VPN, Backups, access speed, encryption as well as disaster recovery plan.
  Client dedicated Staff  
Depending upon the size of your operation we will assign you a team of dedicated professionals.
  Compiling, Management of paper records & Reporting  
  Under British Standard –BIP0008 it is legally admissible to keep only scanned documents for the Law, Inland Revenue and also Customs & Excise, therefore no requirement to retain the original.
Our staff will collect all paper documents (invoices, agreements etc) from your office or we receive through redirected mail and scan, index and upload into online hosted system of which your staff will have access as well. If subsequently required these can be printed off quickly as everything is on screen - no hunting around at the back of cupboards!. This system will also work for submission of our periodic reporting to you like Credit control report, financial statements, management reports etc. Please click and see the snap shot of database system we use in the next column.
Simultaneously original documents will be referenced, filed properly and send back to you.

  Resolution of issues  
  We keep track and maintain status of all queries raised by you in our web based system, we share access of this portal with you so that you can check subsequent status and monitor our progress.