General & Admin expenses  
        Contracted expenses   Non-Contracted
        Examples:������������ - Rentals   Examples:����������������������� - Office consumables    
  For a smooth business operation strategic match between cash in and out flow is required and if this flow is not properly controlled cause serious problems in company's financial cycle like; payment to vendors by overdraft results extra burden of OD charges, late payments to vendors results penalty charges, if not proactively planned loss of early payment discounts, duplicate payments, poor data quality hence numerous phone calls/e-mails from vendors results waste of valuable time. If these problems are repetitive might become a valid reason of business closure.     - IT support   - Repair & maintenance    
      - Cleaning   - Fines    
- Security
- Utilities
      Our Services   Type 1:   Type 2:    
      - Matching of invoices with terms of agreement, incase of mismatch discussion with vendor.   transactions of substantial amount:   transactions of unsubstantial amount:    
      - Tracking of terms of agreement e.g. expiry, obligations, duties etc.   Our Services   Our Services    
      - Alert management regarding contracts require management attention e.g.: agreement is expiring in month time etc.  
'- For such transactions we recommend a formal pre-order procedure of Requisition, Approval and creation of Purchase Order as we have discussed in Procurement section. Incase expenses are of recurring nature a standing P.O should be prepared by following the whole pre-PO activity.��
'- Send invoice to responsible personnel/departm-ent for approval
- Scanning, Indexing & Archiving of Invoices.
- Posting in G.L
      - Facilitate management for renewal of agreements.        
  Exalter uses transaction specific technique to manage each class of expense. This flowchart explains how General and admin expenses can be classified and what services we offer in respect of each:��    
       Home   - In case due to any reason above procedure had not been followed we treat these transactions as Type 2.     Process flow    
        Services     Purchase ledger    
          Payables Processing     Procurement    

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