Perfect set of controls are required for every procurement to eliminate threat of fraud or mistakes which might include:

- Duplicate payments
- Purchases from unapproved vendors cause issues like quality, price or purchasing personel underhand dealing with certain vendors.
- Lack of audit trail cause controls weakness
- Poor data quality hence numerous phone calls/e-mails from vendors.

Procurement process involves number of tasks which should be performed in correct order to avoid above issues, as follows:
Requisition / Approval
Purchase Order
Our Services
We receive requisition from staff/department and route to respective manager for approval as per pre-agreed approval hierarchy.   - For first time purchase atleast by 3 vendors or as prescribed by you.
- Fresh quotes are called after every one year.
  We request respective Managers for approval of quotes or you can leave this task to us.   Create and edit purchase orders.   Check goods delivery note against respective purchase order, adjusting stock levels or if deliveries are not as per specification, re-order.   - Scanning, Indexing & Archiving of Invoices
- 3-Way Match Merge of Purchase Orders, Receiving Reports and Invoices
- Exception Processing for
- Unmatched Invoices and Discrepancies. Routing for Approval and General Ledger Coding of non-Purchased Order.
  By: BACS/Cheques/
Direct Debit
  - Better managed Days Payable Outstanding    
  - Reduce processing costs by up to 60%    
  - Improve financial control and SOX compliance    
  - Control over duplicate payments       Home  
  - Easily accessible audit trail       Services  
  - Reduced management & human resource burden     Process Flow  
  - Greater focus on the core business and the items that add value   Purchase ledger