Credit Control  
  1. A dedicated team will deal with your accounts, taking time to understand your business and building good relations with your customers.

  3. Exalter uses latest IT tools and techniques to provide you best of market services. At the start of project we connect our robust CRM and query engine remotely with your accounting system which enable us to pull full customers live record in specified meaningful format. We act as a member of your staff doing all of the functions a sales ledger assistant would provide if they were in house but at a fraction of the cost.  
  2. We chase in Exalter at your company name as per your instructions so you can decide how 'soft' or 'firm' our approach is with each client or you can rely on our proven techniques.

    Benefits of our services  
  4. As the link between both systems is live so we always see the latest position of your customers.

5. Instead of waiting customers to approach their due date we send a friendly reminders to customers something like ''Your balance amounting xxx comprising invoices is due on xx Sept 2008. If your books show a different balance please contact us asap by phone or email'.
  1. Maintain Days Sales Outstanding within credit limit
2. Reduce existing credit control costs by up to 60%
3. Improve Customer relationships and Company's image
4. Reduce disputes and Customer-related phone calls, leads quick recovery.
5. Improve cash inflow cycle, results no or less overdraft
6. Our services can be started as little as 2 days after contract with us
7. Payments still come directly to you so that there is no risk of delay or embezzlement in cleared funds.
  6. Above is just not a reminder but gives us extra comfort and checks regarding:

- Correctness of invoice is re-confirmed by customer before debt's due date approach, hence no dispute after credit period. Incase customer identifies any mismatch we resolve the differences between you and your customers in timely manner.
- If customers details e.g.; address has been changed since you have provided the services we will able to correct this, results customers database remains updated and reduces chances of sending reminders on wrong address etc.
  8. Also we maintain each customer's file in electronic form which normally include contracts, invoices, emails, reminders etc, just a click of button away so all customers queries are spontaneously resolved without going back to and searching in Company's record room. Also if customer request a copy any of their document we are able to email them...... again just by click of button.  
    9. For customers who haven't paid soon after their credit term end we will do a continuous chase by sending reminders by post, through email or make polite telephone calls and oblige them to pay as soon as possible. Incase of long disputed balances we will prepare documentation for enforcement agencies.  
  7. We maintain robust audit trail of all communications with your customers as well as investigation with internal staff so that all customers queries are quickly and efficiently resolved and readily available for future references.